Dry Sift Hash vs Bubble Hash

The hash is also called hashish which is made by processing and compressing the trichomes while doing so a gum type substance is obtained. There are two methods of obtaining hash. One is dry sift hash and another is the bubble hash. The fundamental difference between them is present in the two methods itself which are discussed below.
Dry Sift Hash
The dry sift is made by sieving and sifting the plant material over a particular screen. Commercial manufacturers of sift facilitate the use of more vibratory sieves. It is one of the hardest hashes ever made. The method in which it is made is totally traditional in nature. The size of the sifting screens where the trichomes fall is responsible for the purity of the dry sift. The dry sift can be further refined with the help of carding which involves rubbing gently the dry ift with a card over a small screen.
Since the dry sift is made out of a solventless process, it ensures that the entire trichome gland is intact and has full spectrum concentrate. The quality of the solventless concentrate is determined as per how easily and well does it melts. It is regarded as an inexpensive method of obtaining hash at home. But it is truly time and labour intensive job. The dry sift is stored as per its consistency.
Bubble Hash
The nomenclature itself identifies the main feature of bubble hash as it forms bubbles while coming in contact with flame. It has multiple trichomes. The process of making bubble hash involves agitating the plant material in the ice-filled water. This leads the trichomes to freeze. It sinks at the bottom of the metal sieve mostly within a group of mesh screens. It depends on how finer the mesh is to determine the quality of the material.
The bubble hash can be made at home with the help of bubble bags. They are found in different array of colours. Some of the notable colours are blond, black, red and many lighter colour versions too. The bubble hash which tends to melt fully is considered to be the best ones. They are regarded as the golden standard of bobble hash. When fully melted, it leaves a white ash and is able to fully bubble.
Bubble Hash vs Dry Sift Hash
The main difference between dry sift hash and that of bubble hash is the process through which both are obtained. Dry sift is created via rolling of buds. Bubble hash is made with the help of cold water.
Dry sift requires only two things that is sift screen and a flat surface in order to make it. But bubble hash requires many things like a water hash machine, cold water, ice, and bubble bags.
In case of quality, most expert manufacturers assume water hash as a better option. Hence, bubble hash is supposed to be mostly better in quality. Though in case of yields, bubble hash has lower yields as the trichomes need to go through several bubble bags. Thus, both the methods have some pros and cons.

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